Come to the Castle and Play Bingo to Win a Royal Prize

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Local Bingo Halls are good for crowds during summer. During winter months, however, dressing up and going out, braving the cold and stinging wind and snow just to get to play Bingo becomes more and more of a bother. You can’t play bingo alone so even if you host it at home, somebody’s going to have to brave the winds anyway. It’s a tricky season for bingo lovers. Thankfully, the internet offers a great alternative these days. You can stay in your warm clothes in your cozy nook and still play bingo while eating or watching television. Online Bingo is so much more convenient than going to local Bingo Halls. You don’t even have to dress up to chat, play and win.

King Jackpot Bingo, in particular, is a unique bingo site that provides practically unlimited entertainment. Imagine exploring a three-dimensional medieval castle whose rooms are devoted to bingo games. The Knight’s Lounge is an excellent room sure to take your mind away from the blizzard outdoors. You can choose from a long menu of games which include Bingo 90, Bingo 75, Pull tabs, Three reel slots, five reel slots and even video poker. The royal feel and medieval theme highlights four major bingo rooms – the King’s Quarters, the Throne Room, Knight’s Lounge and the Royal Chambers, which all have specific schedules, opening and closing hours. These four rooms also offer the best and biggest prizes on site.

Bingo fanatics will surely appreciate this innovative website. A crowd favorite – the Knight’s Lounge – puts up the best prizes. In fact, the top fifty players often get various bonuses. A progressive jackpot usually displayed at the right side of the screen will also surely light up every bingo player’s eyes. Instead of the chill, the warmth and glow of luck should heat up your home. A chat monitor is also always on hand to inform you of any new prizes up for grabs which you may qualify for. Special Occasions such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year also usually bring on new and exciting themed prizes from King Jackpot.

When you decide to register, newsletters will keep you up to date on the latest promotions and will keep you informed of major prize winners. King Jackpot prides itself on this transparency. Remember to keep an eye out for information on bonus card schedules in each of the Bingo rooms and get a chance to win for free. Exciting gimmicks like lunch tournaments and other special games are also announced. Trivia questions can also win you some small prizes at the chat rooms.

You cannot help but have fun playing Bingo 75 at the Knight’s Lounge or simply exploring the King Jackpot Bingo website, making and keeping new friends. This is a much wider online community you can get together with, anytime, from the warm comfort of your own home. Some people even make a date to meet online at the castle. Now, the weather can no longer stop you from having fun!

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