Online Bingo Gaming Offers a Lively Alternative to Traditional Bingo

Posted by anna1 | Bingo | Friday 1 January 2010 12:30 pm

Do you think weekly Bingo games at the local Bingo Hall makes you an expert? Perhaps you may be the most experienced among your friends at that. In fact, the main reason for going out to play is to be able to take a break from the monotony of being home alone. Socials are the main attraction but these weekly bingo games are getting to be a bit expensive.

Thankfully, the internet offers a simpler, cheaper solution. Hundreds of thousands of websites on the worldwide web now offer you numerous opportunities to play Bingo online. It is now just a matter of being able to choose a site which offers a good chance to win, entertainment value and opportunity to socialize – basically, the same reasons which got you to begin playing in the traditional way anyway. King Jackpot offers all these opportunities and more. New online features even require less attention to numbers being called out and more time to spend socializing. The chat facility is easily the most popular feature on the site. Talking to people actually not only enables you to meet new friends but also gather tips on how to make it big through various games. Advice and tips from old timers can be really valuable and instrumental to you cashing in on the jackpots.


The website is definitely navigable. Should you happen to be at anytime, you may contact customer assistance through phone, email or live chat. The website really takes a personal interest in enabling its valued members to make the most of their visits to King Jackpot.

As may now be obvious, the 3D design brings to life a medieval theme. Bingo rooms are given interesting names such as Royal Chambers, Throne Room, Knight’s Lounge and King’s Quarters. The character you will be asked to create upon registration can literally walk through these rooms, pick out the one most interesting and begin playing. Bingo 75 at the Throne Room is among the popular choices. You can even select a lucky table or chair to sit on during the game. While the rooms have similar layouts, each room has a different offer. A daily schedule will include these game and prize lists. Additionally, the chat monitor usually announces special prizes while you are in the chat rooms.

A remarkable difference between traditional Bingo Halls and the online games is the automatic dabber. At the Halls, you instantly forfeit the price when you forget to call out the bingo or get a deduction when a false bingo is called out. The rules are usually strictly enforced. Online, you can get an automatic dabber application which crosses out the numbers on your selected card as they are drawn. This leaves more time for playing and taking to other people. Increase your chances of winning with the many side games available. Just like Bingo 75, these games are usually very easy to understand. Guidelines for games are available onsite and include the required deposits to play them as well as how much you could win.

Giving in to Passion for Playing Online Bingo

Posted by anna1 | Bingo | Friday 1 January 2010 12:19 pm

Try typing the words “online Bingo games” on google, yahoo or any other search engine. You may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of websites that that search engine can cough up. Clearly online Bingo games have become extremely popular; perhaps, much more so than the traditional Bingo games. You must have already read about how much more fun playing online is. If playing Bingo is a passion for you, you must want to play at the best website. How do you find out which one that is with the hundreds of thousands of hits these search engines are giving you?

Try Bingo Café UK. Leapfrog Entertainment provided the website’s design so you can be sure it would be top of the line and a truly unique bingo gaming experience. Take advantage of the free bonus points you immediately receive upon registration to explore this virtual 3D game world. The realistic feel is unlike any other. Create yourself and move as you would in a real Bingo Hall but take advantage of the higher payouts and variety available only online. A wide variety of guides will walk you through to where you need to go and provide assistance at any time. You would be happy to note that this website has, in fact, been accorded a seal of approval for outstanding customer service. The Bingo Café UK also has a vibrant chat feature which allows you to meet and get to know people from around the world with whom you can share your passion for Bingo.

It is extremely easy to get started. After registration, you will already be able to try out the Bingo games as well as the classic slots using the free initial deposit. The slot rooms are interesting. Just pick a room and literally sit down in front of an unoccupied machine. Reel Slots include classics such as Merlin’s Magic and Show Me the Money, which offer substantial payouts. Just remember that if you use bonus bucks to play, you win bonus bucks instead of real dollars, as well.

Again, the colorful screens will satisfy high design standards for online games.  It is very easy to navigate. The winning combinations and corresponding payouts are listed on your right hand side so that you no longer need to memorize any of them. There are about 17 different combinations with which you can win. Some of these combinations are specific, though. For example, you can win on any 3 hats provided they are the same color. Also, red, white and blue hat or number seven needs to be in this exact order to win. The option to increase your bet is at the bottom of the screen – Bet One, Bet Max or in increments using the plus and minus signs. The Auto Play and Spin buttons are likewise available.

While this standard 3 reel slot game has one pay line using a maximum of 2 coins, there are ways to maximize your winnings. Spin a Wild Symbol and you can replace one of the symbols to create the higher winning combination available. Also, if the SPIN symbol shows up on the last reel, you will be taken to a new Bonus screen which allows you to spin the wheel again and win up to 1000 bonus coins! Isn’t a site like this worthy of your passion?

Excitement at Good Slots Sites

Posted by anna1 | Bingo | Friday 1 January 2010 10:30 am

With the ever growing use of the internet for so many things today, one of the things that have also come up to be a good source of entertainment is the online casinos. One no longer has to think about making it from one side of their town to the other just to play their favorite slots machine games. Now all you have to do is turn on your computer and browse through a number of good slots sites. Among the good slots sites one stands out of the crowd and it is called King Jackpot.

King Jackpot has become a leader in the world of online gambling and they have done this with their wide variety of exciting games for you to take on. Apart from the slots that are a very popular casino game, they also present to you many variations of bingo like mega bingo, bingo fun and UK bingo. Another popular game also included in their package is the video poker.

When it comes to the slots that you can play in King Jackpot you will see that there are also many variations. They are first imparted in two large categories with each kind having its own 3D virtual room for the members to play in. You will have the 3 Reel slots and the 5 Reel slots games to try your luck on. Among the 3 Reel Slots you will be presented with Fruit Frenzy, Super Sevens and Merlin’s Magic Wheel. With the 5 Reel slots you will be able to play Cash Carousel, Pyramids of Cash and Cards of Fortune just to name a few.

Before you can get to play any of these thrilling slots games you will have to become a member of King Jackpot. The good slots sites normally try to make sure that all their new comers bring a deposit of a certain amount with them in order to be able to register with their site. You will not meet any such requirement when you are registering with King Jackpot. King Jackpot just has you registering with them to make sure that financial details that will come up sooner or later will be in order for you in case for example you end up winning their progressive jackpot which is currently at a staggering twenty six thousand pounds.

As a treat for joining King Jackpot, every newbie will receive ten pounds free that they can begin to enjoy on their favorite slots immediately. These ten pounds is in King Jackpot type of money so it cannot be withdrawn and used in the real world to buy something. These ten pounds is not the only bonus that you will get as you keep enjoying your membership with King Jackpot. You will see many more bonuses when you begin to invest your own money into their games. Each deposit that you will cash into your account will be met with a bonus from King Jackpot. The first deposit is even the best because whatever it is that you bring, King Jackpot will double it.

The Best of UK video poker sites

Posted by anna1 | Bingo | Friday 1 January 2010 10:23 am

There are so many people all over the world who love to enjoy a game of poker on the regular but have no idea where they can do this. Sometimes they cannot get somebody to play their poker with or they just do not know where they could go to play this addictive game. This no longer has to be the case for them because now with the widespread use of internet Loads of UK video poker sites have sprung up as a result. One of the leading online casino sites that one can decide to go with for their poker excitement is Bingo Café UK. Their reputation precedes them as one of the greatest sites out there.

One of the things that have Bingo Café UK getting the largest number of players becoming a member with them is that they do not require you to begin with a deposit. You can become a member of Bingo Café UK without paying a deposit to become a member. A majority of the other websites out there force you to bring a deposit with you to register. Bingo Café UK goes an extra mile and even pays you when you join their online casino. They will put into your account fifteen pounds that you are free to spend on your video poker. You may however, not withdraw it into currency.

Bingo Café UK has invested in a proper 3d interface that will leave you awed while you play your video poker. You will decide how you want your avatar to be while you go around the site socializing just as in real life. Most of the other UK video poker sites will have a bland boring interface that will not move you. This will be a very good way to meet people who have the same interests as you and even give you pointers about your poker. The great mix of professional and novice players will have you very impressed.

In addition to the friends you will meet on Bingo Café UK and those that you will make on the site helping you sharpen your playing skills, there will be professional assistance put in place just for you. You will get a lot of tips and strategies on how to home in on your skills to be able to beat the house at your will. You can have chats with them or you can just send emails to them and they get back at you real fast.

One complaint that most poker players have about many other UK video poker sites is that they can never get to the real money. With Bingo Café UK it is nothing but the real money when you ply their video poker. Your odds of getting the big bets in Bingo Café UK are higher than anywhere else that you can look. If you want a chance to have fun and make money doing it then Bingo Café UK is your greatest option so take advantage of it right this moment.

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